By CJ Hemmer, TPN Correspondent

There I was, beginning my fourth year at my dream airline. Off to another great layover? Doing a challenging approach in winter weather? Nope. On the couch.

The travel industry has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. International travel has been slowed by varying quarantine and testing requirements, and demand is down domestically over 50%. This has affected the staffing and operations of many airlines, as I discussed in my previous article.

Airlines are left with a few choices, and none of them are good. One choice would be to reduce staffing so that…

By Will Graff, TPN Correspondant

“Say to yourself first thing in the morning: today I shall meet people who are meddling, ungrateful, aggressive, treacherous, malicious, unsocial. But I have seen that the nature of good is what is right, and the nature of evil what is wrong; and I have reflected that the nature of the offender himself is akin to my own — not a kinship of blood or seed, but a sharing in the same mind, the same fragment of divinity….” — Marcus Aurelius

Marcus is back, and what he’s saying is that difficult people are a part…

By Will Graff, TPN Correspondent

Hiring in aviation has slowed to a screeching snail pace, if such a metaphor exists. For those eager pilots frustrated that they feel they are being put on pause, I would offer a solution: Work on your “extras” — the things that will add points to any application you’re completing for your next step up in your career. Specifically, if a degree has of yet eluded you, finish it now while the world is on pause!

The aviation industry, especially on the pilot side, is a unique animal that is very much like other industries…

By Chris Hicks, TPN Correspondent

A few weeks ago, CJ wrote about flying with “that captain,” giving out some great tips on how to deal with the situation effectively. In this article, we will take a look at the other side of the situation from the captain side. In my short airline and military career, about 6 years, I have been able to see both the FO/copilot side and now the captain/aircraft commander side. Here are my best tips and tricks to navigate this situation.

By CJ Hemmer, TPN Correspondent

There I was, a new mainline first officer fresh off of probation. I hadn’t even been with my first airline (a regional) long enough to get off probation. It was refreshing not to have to have to pester the captains for written reviews for every trip. Then I saw my paycheck — hmm, quite a few deductions materialized where before there hadn’t been any. …

By, Jason Depew TPN Editor-in-Chief

Merry Christmas Eve Network…it’s story time! At first, you’ll wonder why I’m telling this story. Bear with me because it helps me make an important point.

My Buddy Herm

When I was a young B-1 copilot in the 34th Bomb Squadron, I was assigned to Egg Flight. (The Thunderbirds refer to their new pilots and WSOs as Eggs…baby T-Birds…rather than FNGs like too many other squadrons.) The Senior Ranking Officer (SRO) among us Eggs was a Captain we’ll temporarily call Joe. …

By Will Graff, TPN Correspondent

We’ve talked a lot about engines, and each new article has been a little bit deeper dive than the one before. One article was about acronyms in general. Another article was about engine overhaul definitions. Even another article was about optimal time on an engine as pertaining to an airplane purchase. As a guy who eats his vegetables first, I’ve saved the best for last: cost. This article will be the deepest dive yet into the place where the leather meets the pocket — your wallet.

To spill the beans early, I am going to…

by Jason Depew for The Pilot Network

I’m getting closer to the day when I find out what I’ll be flying after Coronavirus displaces me from my cushy A220 Captain seat. In hopes of helping keep us all sane, I’m continuing my series on options for jobs most or all of us could do if we end up furloughed in the relatively near future. If you haven’t already, go check out Job #1: FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

Today, we’re going to look at becoming an Etsy Shop Owner. More generally though this means: are you capable of cheaply making…

by Jason Depew for The Pilot Network

With COVID-19, our world is facing one of the worst crises in recent history. The virus itself is bad enough, but its economic impacts threaten even longer-term effects. I don’t want to make light of the pandemic, but in the interest of making a point to a bunch of pilots, I’m going to make light of it.

As bad as coronavirus may be, we pilots are susceptible to an even worse disease. This pernicious canker turns otherwise good pilots into useless lumps. It kills promising career progression, brings great shame upon our squadrons…

by Jason Depew for The Pilot Network

I’ll admit I’m disappointed. I’d hoped that we’d have word of some more promising therapies for COVID-19 by now. I’d hoped that cases would have decreased significantly because people chose to wear masks and/or just stay home (not because the government had to mandate it, but out of genuine concern for their fellow human beings. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these” and all….)

Instead, my home state of Florida is leading the charge in a resurgence of Coronavirus cases, and financial analysts are back to bearish on the…

The Pilot Network

TPN intends to expand our pilot network and help us all in future endeavors. The aviation career field comes the unknown. A strong network is the best antidote!

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